6 Very Important Law Provisions That All Companies, Businesses and Law Firms Must Adhere as Explained by An Orange County Law Expert

Every person who works or owns a business must know their employment law. Employment law is what keep you safe from discrimination and unfair dismissal. It is your tool for affecting change when needed and for making sure you, your staff, and your colleagues are treated fairly at work. We take these laws very seriously in Orange County. We spoke to a law expert in Orange County at http://www.expertemploymentlawyers.com/orange-county/ who owns his own firm. He gave us a few tips on which employment laws managers, employees, and any other lawyer firm must know.

Job discrimination

No discrimination based on race, age, religion, or gender will be tolerated. The law prohibits the unfair hiring or firing of employees. It also prohibits sexual harassment. To keep in line with this law, treat all your employees or colleagues with respect and kindness. Be fair and honest at all times and expect everyone in your firm or office to do the same.

Gender-pay differences

The days of paying men more than women simply because of gender are over. The Equal Pay Act (EPA) states that no male employee may be paid more than a female employee with the same skills, experience, and job role. Make sure that your pay rates across the company are fair. If responsibilities and duties are different for the same job role, you should be able to specify and explain this when the pay difference is queried.

Pregnancy discrimination

The law prohibits discrimination against women based on ‘pregnancy, childbirth, or other related conditions’. This means that you cannot fire, deny appointment or promotion because a woman is pregnant, had an abortion, or other related situations. Treat pregnant women the same as other employees. If you would make special arrangements for someone with an injury who cannot do certain things, you need to make the same arrangements for a pregnant woman to protect her baby.


The Fair Labor Standards Act states what the minimum wage is to pay an employee. Many states have higher minimum rates, but it cannot go lower. There is certain standard working hour guidelines that should be studied and followed. For example, any employee who works more than 40 hours a week, is entitled to time-and-a-half overtime. Best practice is to make sure you pay your employees above minimum wage and always pay overtime when it is required.

Disability discrimination

You cannot discriminate based on disability. This means that if someone applies for a job and is completely capable of performing the functions of the job, with or without certain special accommodations, they should have a fair opportunity. Jobs that require no physical activity should not discriminate against someone in a wheelchair if that person can mentally and emotionally do the job without a problem.

Workplace safety

Know The Occupational Safety and Health Act and adhere to it. Any workplace must be safe and free of hazards or potential health risks. Deal with problems when they arise and appoint safety officers and have evacuation plans posted in several spots.

According to our law expert from the Orange County law firm, if you follow these simple laws, you should have no problems or reason for concern.

4 tips for choosing a good truck accident lawyer

If there has been an accident involving a truck, then whether you are the driver or the driver of another vehicle, you might be entitled to recover compensation for your injuries. It is your right to bring a legal claim against other people who are involved. These types of accidents are very complicated, and you need an experienced lawyer to deal with it.

A truck accident lawyer can help you in many ways. With the help of the truck accident lawyer, you can sue for compensation for your injuries. The lawyer can help determine who the responsible parties are. People often cannot find out the responsible parties of the accident instantly. The lawyers can investigate and find out detailed information about the case. In the case of such accidents, filing a lawsuit in a court is not the only option available. A good truck accident lawyer will tell you about the other options available.

So, if you are a victim of a truck accident and get hurt, you should act fast. You should find a good truck accident lawyer. Here are some tips for choosing a truck accident lawyer.


You should find a lawyer who has many years of experience in settling this kind of cases. The more experience these lawyers have, the better they learn how trucking company insurance adjusters deal with these situations, how they operate, etc. Experienced lawyers know the tactics to give you the right advice and the compensation you deserve.

Detailed representation

The truck company insurance adjusters are very skilled. They carry out a detailed plan and can take action right away after the accident. They can start gathering information regarding the accident immediately. Such lawyers can give you a fair settlement.

Negotiation skills

One of the most challenging experiences is to negotiate with the insurance company. At that time you need someone who can support you and help you in the negotiation process. It will give you peace of mind.

Have knowledge of the national scope and other regulations

Federal laws govern truck driving. The company whose truck has injured you may be relocated. The attorney you hire must be familiar with the regulations. He or she must be a member of a law firm that covers truck injury cases in different states.

By hiring an experienced truck accident lawyer, you will be able to get the compensation you deserve for your injuries. You will can know the parties involved and take necessary actions against them.

Three Distinct Characteristics of Lexington Law


Lexington Law Firm is a trusted law firm that has delivered unmistakably positive results since its establishment in 1991. It has helped more than 500,000 clients and has become a leader in the credit repair industry. As a matter of fact, the Lexington Law way of doing things has turned into some sort of a guide for other firms. The secret to Lexington’s success is not that difficult to crack. All you need to do is embrace the following characteristics, which are some of the firm’s biggest advantages.

1. Years of Experience. Twenty Years to Be Exact.

Lexington Law has been serving the people since 1991. That’s 20 years ago. This means the firm has helped thousands upon thousands of individuals and groups over the years. The years of experience has also allowed the firm to learn and determine what is needed to provide legal assistance to credit-related problems successfully. Lexington Law already knows the ins and outs of the credit repair industry.

2. Trusted by Almost One Million Clients

Lexington Law’s years of service has allowed them to help almost a million individuals and groups. This is more than the number serviced by credit card specialists in the country. As such, Lexington Law has connected and partnered with as many people and groups. This means the firm has collected a treasure trove of credit card information that they can use for improving their services.

3. The Widest Reach Possible

According to AAACreditGuide.com, Lexington Law has a lot of lawyers serving different parts of the United States. Wherever you are, getting in touch and arranging an appointment with one will not be a problem. As this is the case, you won’t have to travel far anymore when you need professional assistance for your credit card problems. All you need to do is get in touch with a Lexington Law lawyer wherever you are, and you’re good to go!

Here are Five of Orange County’s Safest Cities


Orange County is an interesting place because of its diversity, cultural attractions, and the fact that it is not as populated and crime-infested as some of the other places in Los Angeles. In addition to this, it also has some of the best when it comes to healthcare, shopping, sports, dining destinations, education, and legal representation. Safety, however, is one of the major reasons why Orange County is a good place to live in. Check out five of the county’s safest cities (not in particular order).

1. Irvine


Irvine is one of the more popular cities of Orange County, California. It has an estimated population count of more than 220,000. The city has been in the list of the United States’ safest cities for years. In fact, it was declared the safest for nine straight years!

2. Coto de Caza


Coto de Caza is one of the well-kept secrets of Orange County. It is a “guard-gated private community,” so you’ll feel extra safe living there. Back in 2012, it was reported that only one violent crime was committed in Coto de Caza. The report was gathered from various law enforcement agencies in the city, including campus and public school police. This master-planned community is known for being the setting of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Orange County.

3. Villa Park


Villa Park has one of the lowest populations in Orange County. This zoned city is populated mostly by single-family residences. Its estimated population is over 6,000. Villa Park is like an oversized park with a lot of greens and flowers. The crime rate in the city is really low (like two in a year).

4. Seal Beach


Seal Beach is a Charter City and is quite popular because of the Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach military base. It is a favorite destination of retirees as it has the characteristics of a small town. Even if it is a beach community, it is peaceful and quiet.

5. Rancho Santa Margarita


Another master-planned community in Orange County, Rancho Santa Margarita is surrounded by different neighborhoods that are managed by homeowners associations. It has a close community feel and is an ideal place not only for business, but also for recreation, dining, and shopping. It is also featured on The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Three Characteristics Your Criminal Defense Lawyer Has to Have


A criminal defense lawyer is someone who is trained to assist and defend individuals (and groups) accused of committing a crime or crimes. His primary task is to prove the innocence of his client. He is likewise expected to present evidence supporting his client’s claims. Often, it is the criminal defense attorney who faces the public on behalf of his client. So, while the one on trial is his client, his reputation is also at stake. The toughest, most reliable, and sensible criminal defense lawyers exhibit several important characteristics.


1. A good criminal defense lawyer has excellent communication skills.

Lawyers use their communication skills to capture audiences and in particular, the attention of the jurors and the judge. He needs to know how to get his (and his client’s) message across in the most efficient way possible. He should be able to communicate legibly, fluently, and confidently. A good lawyer knows how to communicate with the opposing party, especially when negotiating for an out-of-court settlement.


2. A good lawyer should be hard working and persistent.

A criminal defense lawyer needs to be up and about all the time. He needs to know what’s going on around him and his client. At the same time, he needs to be up-to-date with the case, even to its minutest detail. He needs to be ahead of the opposing team at all times. A criminal defense lawyer works on a case 24/7. All the hearings, investigations, consultations, motions, and negotiations need to be tended to by the criminal defense lawyer, in person as much as possible. In addition to this, there are tons of documents (of every kind) that he has to read, understand, familiarize, draft, and submit to the court. Yes, hard work and persistence are made for tough lawyers.


3. A good criminal defense lawyer is knowledgeable and professionally trained.

Criminal law is not something that you learn and understand by just reading books. It is something that you study thoroughly and diligently. Reading for a few hours or days will not make one a good criminal defense lawyer. Therefore, it is essential to choose someone who is professionally trained and educated on criminal law.