Three Characteristics Your Criminal Defense Lawyer Has to Have


A criminal defense lawyer is someone who is trained to assist and defend individuals (and groups) accused of committing a crime or crimes. His primary task is to prove the innocence of his client. He is likewise expected to present evidence supporting his client’s claims. Often, it is the criminal defense attorney who faces the public on behalf of his client. So, while the one on trial is his client, his reputation is also at stake. The toughest, most reliable, and sensible criminal defense lawyers exhibit several important characteristics.


1. A good criminal defense lawyer has excellent communication skills.

Lawyers use their communication skills to capture audiences and in particular, the attention of the jurors and the judge. He needs to know how to get his (and his client’s) message across in the most efficient way possible. He should be able to communicate legibly, fluently, and confidently. A good lawyer knows how to communicate with the opposing party, especially when negotiating for an out-of-court settlement.


2. A good lawyer should be hard working and persistent.

A criminal defense lawyer needs to be up and about all the time. He needs to know what’s going on around him and his client. At the same time, he needs to be up-to-date with the case, even to its minutest detail. He needs to be ahead of the opposing team at all times. A criminal defense lawyer works on a case 24/7. All the hearings, investigations, consultations, motions, and negotiations need to be tended to by the criminal defense lawyer, in person as much as possible. In addition to this, there are tons of documents (of every kind) that he has to read, understand, familiarize, draft, and submit to the court. Yes, hard work and persistence are made for tough lawyers.


3. A good criminal defense lawyer is knowledgeable and professionally trained.

Criminal law is not something that you learn and understand by just reading books. It is something that you study thoroughly and diligently. Reading for a few hours or days will not make one a good criminal defense lawyer. Therefore, it is essential to choose someone who is professionally trained and educated on criminal law.