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Nothing is more important than choosing the right criminal defense attorney. Law Corporation makes that choice simple.

From decades as a criminal defense lawyer, and the experience as a county Chief Public Defender in charge of a vast criminal defense office with over 60,000 cases each year, I am an expert in defending criminal cases. I have built my reputation on providing expert defense with a professional, but personal, approach.

I have the experience necessary to not just avoid a prosecutor’s tactics for derailing a case, but also to eliminate opportunities for their use. For decades, I have helped my clients navigate the complexities of the criminal justice process by providing prompt response to calls, detailed follow through and clarity in communication. I am a California criminal defense attorney dedicated to protecting my clients’ rights.

I am a criminal defense attorney driven to ensure my clients have the best criminal defense representation in and out of court. I have successfully defended thousands of clients in all aspects of criminal defense litigation-from convincing authorities to not file cases; to winning trials, motions, hearings and post-conviction case reversals; to negotiating favorable settlements. I have helped my clients to clean up their criminal records so they can move on with their lives.

My goals are, and have always been, to protect my clients from government prosecution, and to maximize outcomes for my clients. I have experience in all types of criminal cases, from misdemeanors to special circumstance murder.

To secure the best California criminal defense lawyer – a California criminal defense attorney who sees you as a person, not a criminal – contact me now for a consultation.

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