Bank Fraud

Bank fraud is the crime that involves fraudulently obtaining money or other assets held by a bank. In some instances, bank fraud is used to define other offenses like bankruptcy fraud, wire fraud, or forged or counterfeit documents. Bank fraud may occur by bank employees or by individuals trying to obtain money belonging to someone else.

Bank fraud is governed by Title 18, Section 2113(a) of U.S. Code. Title 18, Section 2114(a) provides that whoever takes or attempts to take property or money belonging to another will be fined or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both.

It is important to note that being associated with bank fraud is also a crime. Specifically, a person who did not commit the actual crime of bank fraud can be convicted of the crime if that person assisted the actual offender in some way. Title 18, Section 371 of the U.S. Code governs the federal crime of conspiracy in such instances. In such instances, the prosecution must prove that two or more people came to a mutual understanding of how to carry out an illegal plan.

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