Official Misconduct

Official misconduct is the illegal act by a public official. A public official is defined as any officer or employee of the government. An illegal act is defined as an unauthorized act that was committed during the public official’s prescribed duty of care to the public. The duty of care is measured by the standard of care as defined by the law, and thus, is non-discretionary. It is important to note that an unauthorized act rises to the level of official misconduct only if the public official knew at the time that his or her act was unlawful.

For the crime of official misconduct, the State must prove that the public official had a clear duty to refrain from the act committed. Specifically, there must be applicable law that regulates and determines the illegality of the public official’s conduct.

In California, Penal Code §801.5 governs the time frame for which a public official may be convicted of his or her illegal act. Specifically, section 801.5 provides that prosecution for the alleged illegal act shall be commenced within four years after the completion of the act in question.

Federal prosecutions for official misconduct can be based on a host of statutes, often by 18 U.S.C. § 1346, often referred to as “honest services fraud.” In honest services fraud cases, officials are generally charged with direct or indirect bribery in which a public official was paid in some way for a particular decision or action, and failure to disclose a conflict of interest, resulting in personal gain.

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