Professional Licensing Issues

A person’s professional, or occupational, license can be affected if that person is convicted of a misdemeanor or of a felony. Unlike criminal hearings, professional licensing cases are heard by administrative law offices. The Office of Administrative Hearing (OAH) handles all matters surrounding professional licensing issues in California. Issues such as license application denials, suspensions, revocations, allegations of professional misconduct, and investigation by a licensing board are common examples of issues surrounding professional licenses. The measure by which a licensing authority must make its case is much less than in a criminal case. If a licensing agency is seeking to revoke a license, the licensing agency must prove by clear and convincing evidence that the license holder is not fit to hold the professional license in question. The license holder must prove that he or she is fit to hold the professional license, however, if the licensing agency brings a statement of other issues against the license holder.

Professional licensing cases can be appealed to the county’s Superior Court upon denial or revocation of a professional license.
When facing criminal charges, or issues affecting professional or occupational licensing resulting from criminal charges, hiring the right lawyer is one of the most important things you can do. An effective defense can protect a person’s professional or occupational license, and ability to earn a living.
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